Jul 022013

Defeated Camp Burial Ground: 

From the Park Sign: “Defeated Camp Burial Ground:  The McNitt Company, a group of early settlers organized in Virginia for protection on the trip to Kentucy settlements, was camped here on Boone’s Trace.  Failing to post a guard they were massacred by Indians on October 3, 1786.  The Victims were buried here at the site of their last camp.”

Defeated Camp Burial Ground Sign

Defeated Camp Burial Ground graveyard


Levi Jackson Historic Stump:

From the Park Sign:  “At this site on October 3, 1786 a young woman of the McNitt Party, settlers who came to be known as the “Defeated Camp”, gave birth to a daughter in a hollow tree after escaping an Indian massacre that killed all but 3 members of the party.  This plaque marks the spot where the tree stood and where subsequently the stump of the tree was located”.


Levi Jackson Historic Stump Sign

Levi Jackson Historic Stump